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The president of the Spanish CEOE, Juan Rosell, said on Monday that the work "fixed and safe" is "a concept of the nineteenth century," because in the future we will have to "earn it every day," and called for a greater promotion of digitization in Europe and Spain, especially in education, because "it is in danger of losing the train of the digital revolution."

This Rosell pointed out during his speech at the presentation of a study on digital processing carried out by the consultancy Roland Berger and Siemens, which considers that digitization will be essential for the job because "there will be many surprises in the  immediate future "(1).

The statement Rossell makes extremely angry. All these people that work with secure and well paid jobs are allowed to defend insecurity and low wages with impunity. And they have positions of political influence, are politicians, are our representatives ...

I believe, however, that Mr. Rossell is right i we change his frase a little bit: "fixed and secure work is a concept of the nineteenth century because in the future we will find it every day." Now yes. Work is ending and it is worse an sorse paid, and increasingly we will return to situations such as the the nineteenth century' choice of laborers that every morning went looking for job and were hired for the day ..

I read today that more than 7,000 women in Andalusia work cleaning hotel rooms for less than two euros an hour (2). The work of the century is underway.


[1] El presidente de la CEOE afirma que el trabajo "fijo y seguro" es un "concepto del siglo XIX"
[2] Más de 7.000 mujeres en Andalucía limpian habitaciones de hotel a menos de dos euros la hora

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