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To think out of the box is to think in a different way, non-conventional o from a new perspective.

The nine points problem:

Try to connect all the points using just 4 straight lines (find the solution below).

The current economic and social crisis is making thousands of people around the world to live in conditions of great precarioussness. Governments implement measures to save costs that cause in the short term an increase in unemployment and dependency, hoping to promote in the long term an economic recovery that brings back a level of well-being and quality of life similar to what existed before the outbreak of the crisis. Many people protest these measures, because whatever the outcome in the future, they leave them in an untenable situation. But most of them keep seeking the causes and solutions to the crisis in a box or conceptual space in which perhaps they can't be found. I, for one, do not remember any political party offering analysis and proposals that are really different. For example, to facilitate the departure of employese or hinder it are opposing proposals, but only in a one-dimensional view of the problem: both are in the same line:

But are wages earned from work really the only option for getting an income that allows living with dignity? let's try to think out of the box.

Humans have it bad, but when this happens, the other life forms that accompany us on this planet have it much worse. If we think that humans need resources that animals and plants also need, we are keeping again an unidimensional discussion: to use the resources we need at the expense of animals and plants or to be hungry so that they can thrive or at least survive:

But is it really impossible to eliminate competition between humans and other life form? Let's try to think out of the box.

We could think of many more problems that currently are construed unidimensionally. However, in today's society, it is difficult if not impossible to find a problem that is really isolated from others. Rather, each unidimensional line is connected to many other, so that what we have resembles rather a complex and asymmetric network..

I believe that if we only within each particular problem box we will never find a global solution, and neither shal we if we don't go beyond the global problem network.

I am not an expert capable of providing solutions to the current problems, but I would like to gather in this web analysis and proposed solutions that I find interesting and that often require to go beyond, to think out of the box. I do not mean that all the proposals that I will be collecting are valid and applicable, or that I find them equally convincing, but at least they can help us to think differently and find new solutions to problems that now seem intractable.

Solution to the nine points problem

Often, we try to solve this problem assuming that the nine points are locked in a box or space which we cannot leave:

However, the problem has no solution if we don't leave the box that, actually, we created ourselves, because nobody has told us that the problem is to be solved within a limited space. Once we go beyond the self-imposed boundaries and leave the box, the problem is easily solved:

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